Hotel “Natalia-18”

Hotel "Natalia-18" was founded in 2007 in the central part of Lviv. The hotel is located in the historical part of the city, in the square of the Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl, 400 meters from the Lviv City Council and the elegant Rynok Square, 150 meters from the Opera Theater, in a 5-minute walk from the Potocki Palace and the Lviv Art Gallery. The square of Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl, or rather Krakivska square (this is its original name) was formed around 1840, after the walls surrounding the central quarters of ancient Lviv were taken apart. It appeared near the old Krakowski Gate, hence its name is derived. Krakivsky suburb, which was inhabited mainly by Jews, was stretching to the north from the square. From the gate (and from the eastern part of the square) began the ancient Volyn Way, which was also called Zhovkivska road. By the way, the area on which the square appeared was called FarnTojr (VordemTor), which is translated as “To the gate”.

"Natalia-18" hotel is a true part of the historical center of Lviv, which borders with Krakivska and Teatralna streets.


Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl sq., 7 - Lviv city ( Ukraine )


+38 097 420 27 31


Our Rooms

Hotel “Natalia-18”

Suite / Attic


23-36 кв.м.

Suite room consists of two rooms – a living room and a bedroom.

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Hotel “Natalia-18”



17-21 кв.м.

Double Superior room with two separate or one big bed and a lounge zone (a sofa and a coffee table).

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Hotel “Natalia-18”

Standard / Attic


11-21 кв.м.

Double room of the “Standard Loft” category

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