A unique museum of optical illusions

For the first time in Lviv – a new entertainment for children and adults. A unique museum of optical illusions in the center of Lviv. Everyone here can compete with the dinosaur, escape from the giant shark and get into a real winter ball. And for this it is not necessary to invent a time machine or go for a trip to the ocean. Here you can and should touch the exhibits!
Using the scenery of the museum, you can take a photo in flight, become a part of famous paintings, tame wild animals. The most important thing is to turn on fantasy and to visit such a museum, it’s not necessary to go abroad, in the summer in the center of Lviv opened a museum of optical illusions. There are 16 different locations here, each of which is different in shape, style and emotions that a person can feel by photographing there.
At the beginning of the visitors is met by a spider-man. However, before the visitors, the location is shown in an inverted form. Here the visitor can also become part of one of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous paintings, “Starry Night,” climbing into a giant jar from condensed milk, a winter ball, and so on. Ames Room – an irregular room, which in the first half of the twentieth century. designed by American ophthalmologist Albert Eames. If two people enter the Ames room, then one will turn out to be more than the other.
Look at the location of this museum should be through the prism of the camera or the phone, because the camera creates an effect of optical illusions, which sometimes can not be seen by the eyes.
The administrator and photographer who meet people explain all the secrets of how to create an optical illusion with the help of a photo. It is important to choose the right angle and height for this. Near each location there is a mark from which distance, height and from which angle you need to take a photo to get the 3D effect.

You are guaranteed to get the ocean of wonderful impressions and wonderful exclusive photos !!!


Lviv city
Yaroslav Osmomysl Square, 7


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