Riding School of Maria Brodska

Do you dream to ride a horse in Lviv, not far from the city center?

You will be surprised, but it is possible, because Maria Brodsky’s Riding School is located very close to the city center!
Here are ready to take you at any time of the year at your convenience. At your service, an indoor playpen, an open mannequin and a park area.
Even if you have never been in the saddle, specially trained horses and an individual approach to the trainer will help you feel confident and safe and even take a good look at the gallop!
The horses are amazing wise creatures, they are designed to make people happier.
Professional trainers of the Riding School of Maria Brodska will help you to get acquainted with the horses, choose the most optimal variant of the first acquaintance – whether it will be a small walk, or a preliminary test session, or for a start – a photo shoot with horses. In any case, you will get a new experience and feel the healing therapeutic ability of horses, because hippotherapy is a world practice that has helped thousands of people around the world, without a doubt, it’s the best medicine for depression!
Are you planning a wedding and want to organize a wedding photo shoot with horses? It’s just at Maria Brodsky’s Riding School!
Give the kids an unforgettable adventure – riding lessons for children.
If you are no longer a beginner and want to develop professionally, improve your departure or competition, then you will go to the Maria Brodska Riding School where the athletes are preparing for the FEI competitions.
To the attention of owners of horses – you can use the services of professionals: берейтор, the coach, the horseman.
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