Where you can meet the real St. Nicholas in Lviv? Winter Holidays in Lviv

For almost the whole year both adults and kids are eagerly waiting for the winter holidays: St. Nicholas Day, New Year, Christmas, the Jordanian Holiday and other holidays, which bring with them fun and entertainment, games and songs.

With the most impatience the children are waiting for the 19th of December, because St. Nicholas Day is associated with gifts and a good mood.

The residence of St. Nicholas started its work in Lviv once again. It is in the hut of Nicholas where you can sit on his lap, take a photo and get a tasty gift.

So, where and when you can meet St. Nicholas in Lviv:

  • from 10.12-25.12 every child can meet the Wonderworker in the Residence on Prospekt Svobody, 28
  • 19.12 at 16:00 “Malevich” invites to the place to meet Nicholas. There will be a lot fun: a photo session, “Fairy Mystery” play, a circus and acrobatic show, a concert program, games, contests and much more fun
  • 02.12-19.12 The residence of St. Nicholas in the “Kavalier Boutique Hotel”
  • until 21.12 the Wonderworker’s Residence will operate in the Voznesennya Park, Starovoznesenskaya street, 70
  • The Secret Workshop of the Wonderworker in Rudno, the program will last 16.12-18.12 and is suited for children aged 3-9
  • St. Nicholas has also settled his hut in the Shevchenko grove and together with the angels eagerly awaits the little ones


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