Ресторани у центрі Львова

Restaurants in the center of Lviv

Lviv is not just an ancient city with monuments; it is a city where you can have a lot of fun and spend your time well.

In the city of Leo one day or even a few will be not enough for a tourist to see everything. Tourists coming to Lviv will be interested to see not only monuments, temples, castles … but also unusual, original cafes and restaurants, which can be met at every step in Lviv.

We offer you a selection of restaurants in the center of Lviv, which are worth a visit if you are coming to Lviv:

  1. Restaurant HOTEL “Natalia-18” – a cosy restaurant with four halls, located in the heart of the city. It is within walking distance to:
    ️150 meters from Lviv Opera Theatre
    ️270 meters from Virmenska Street
    ️400 meters from Rynok Square и Lviv Town Hall
    ️450 meters from Boim Chapel
    ️450 meters from the Italian yard
    ️500 meters from Dominican Church
    ️700 meters from the Arsenal
    ️800 meters from Bernardine Church / St. Andrew’s Church
    ️10 minutes from Potocki Palace
    ️12 minutes from Vysoky Zamok (High Castle)

The restaurant “Natalia-18” is an extremely atmospheric place where you can spend a romantic evening or celebrate your birthday, organize a corporate party or a small wedding. Here you will be offered delicious dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine and drinks from different countries of the world.

  1. The first Lviv grill restaurant of meat and justice. The main meat restaurant in the city. While waiting for the order you can learn about the tools of medieval tortures.
  2. Mons Pius Restaurant. A restaurant with decent beer and meat dishes, as well as a cosy summer area.
  3. Kumpel: Respectable restaurant and brewery. You should go here to try the “amber” beer.
  4. Veronica. A confectionery restaurant with special passion regarding bakery.
  5. Lviv Coffee mine. An unusual cafe located in an active bookstore. Here, customers can find out where coffee comes from in Lviv.
  6. The most expensive restaurant in Galicia “Masons” – a thematic restaurant, which is located in the apartment. The mysterious atmosphere, the twilight, the interior emphasizes that this is a mysterious place.
  7. Bachevsky Restaurant – Baczewski Restauracja. This restaurant is created in the best traditions of the Kumpel Group. Here you will be offered dishes of new Galician cuisine.
  8. Panorama Restaurant. The restaurant is located on the 7th floor of the hotel bearing the same name and pleases the eye with a panoramic view of the city center.
  9. Tante Sophie – a cute and romantic place, created for romantic evenings with your beloved ones. Here you can try French and European cuisine.
  10. Love & Lviv family restaurant – a place where it is nice to get together with the whole family. The restaurant gives its guests warm memories of the rest and a feeling of enjoyment of the time you have spent here.

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“Natalia-18” Restaurant

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